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I'm Roger Smith and, together with Deacon Jenny, serve as minister in Bramhope, Guiseley and Yeadon.

I've been a Methodist minister (presbyter) since 1991 working in Sunderland, Bradford and North Kirklees before moving to this Circuit in 2017.

I was born in Kent, grew up in Sussex and lived in Nottingham for over ten years working for a housing association, as a community worker and as a community pastor with an inner-city church before training as a minister in Manchester.

I'm married to Alison, who's from Harrogate. Our three children were born in Manchester, Sunderland and Bradford but all regard themselves as belonging to Yorkshire. So I'm the odd one out as an 'offcumden' but I've been made very welcome here.

I like working with all kinds of people, whoever you are, wherever you're from and whatever your faith.

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