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The Next Step in Discipleship, Love and Service.

The Leeds South and West Circuit seeks the regeneration of Methodist discipleship in Leeds and beyond through the development and flourishing of a Methodist New Monastic Network.

Aim: To create a New Monastic Community in Leeds. An intentional community anchored within the existing circuit.
People living by a Rule of Life, Praying, Learning, Serving and Caring, together in a community house.

  • Some living in a community house, linked to a local church
  • Some living in a dispersed community, in Leeds or further afield.
  • Supported by a Oversight Group.

    What we have:

  • A Community House,
  • A Deacon
  • Circuit Backing
  • A Website: www.lmnmn.org.uk
  • Prayer and Passion.

    What we need:

  • People to support us through prayer.
  • People to discern a call to live in an intentional community, in a community house.
  • People to discern a call to live in an intentional community as dispersed members.

    If you are interested in this new, exciting, life affirming, venture or just want more information, please contact Deacon Guy Austin-Bride,
    Leeds South and West Methodist Circuit.
    Tel: 07825 700313
    Email: guy@lswmethodists.org.uk

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